The Fulfillment Equation

by: Matt LeBris
Founder @ 1B Branding | Nationally Coveted Speaker | Host of              Decoding Success                    

Life is a journey that we are all on. No one really knows what tomorrow will bring – especially the meteorologists that we tend to tune into for our weekly weather updates.

All jokes aside, we are all trying to figure out this thing called life day in and day out — whether it’s what makes us happy, how to land the job we want, how to acquire the new client, or maybe even how to land a date with that person we’re attracted to.

One thing that is for certain, is the fact that we all have a purpose. And, I’m quite confident that our purpose is much larger than just us.

I don’t tend to make promises or guarantee anything unless I am for certain – this is one of those things I’d bet on.

A major contributing factor to us being unique and one-of-a-kind is the fact that our purposes vary from individual to individual. As cliché as it may sound, we are all here for a reason.

Now, why bring this topic up?

For starts, I felt compelled to share with my #LinkedInFam how I was able to create a life with an abundance of fulfillment. I even put it into a really simple formula.

And, I promise, there is bare minimum math involved in case you were wondering after I used the word formula.

I can’t sit here and say my life was ever bad. Sure, I failed out of college, got kicked out of two high schools, lost my dream of playing professional baseball at 16 when I tore the labrum in my shoulder and gave up on it after surgery, watched my parents get divorced and my mother battle cancer.

I can focus on all of that, but I have been blessed with so much good in my life that I tend to not even think of any of those events that took place on my journey.

But I can sit here and say that I have felt like a lost puppy without a home. There was a point where I had no clue what my dream was, what my passion was, or what my purpose was in life.

Can you relate to that?

When I watched the one thing I loved, baseball, completely collapse in front of me, I had no clue what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I was convinced that was my calling, my purpose.

We don’t magically wake up one day with a letter awaiting us at the foot of our bed from the Purpose Godmother, the Tooth Fairy’s cousin and second cousin of Tinker Bell, saying, “Hey, your purpose is XYZ. Live it up! Have a nice life. Xoxo.”

That’s just not how it works. We have to identify what our purpose is through our life experiences, our passions, and our goals.

But, this article isn’t about finding your passion, your purpose, or your goals.

This article is about what happens when you are able to act on your passions in pursuit of your purpose. And, in return, what that creates an abundance of in your life.

As previously mentioned, I really thought my purpose was to be a professional baseball player. I had the physical build, the talent, and all that. My love for the game was unmatched. But, it was taken away from me.

I can’t even tell you how long it took me to identify what my true purpose was in life after that, but I did it through trying new things. So, if you are here reading this and searching for your purpose, you now know how to find it.

Whenever discussing this topic amongst colleagues, mentees, or whomever, I always ask this…

Matt: “What’s your favorite food?”

Them: “Chicken parm…” *the response I get more often than not*

Matt: “How did you know you even liked chicken parm?”

Them: “I had to try it.”


So, I went out and tried different things to find that purpose. 

For those of you who know me, view my content, listen to my podcast, have seen me speak, or just know me as the person I am, you’ve probably heard me acknowledge my purpose of positively impacting the lives of one billion individuals.

That’s literally an eighth of the world.

I’ve been getting after it through my speaking engagements across the country, hosting and amplifying the message of game-changing individuals on my podcast, and, now, through my branding agency, 1B, which I launched in early 2019.

To be able to live out my purpose, I had to make sacrifices, which is something that stops a lot of people from walking on their destined path.

One of those sacrifices was leaving a position after 3 years with Daymond John of Shark Tank. I made this move at 25 years old. And, I can’t tell you how many people around me questioned it.

I’m sure some of you reading this may think I’m crazy but I would challenge you to look at me as someone so committed to their purpose as opposed to crazy.

And, that move has led me to exactly where I am today. In a position where I was able to combine something, I am insanely passionate about (branding) with impact (my purpose) to deliver my client’s unmatched results, which brings me the utmost fulfillment in life.

I’ve always credited a massive amount of my success, experiences, and opportunities, to my personal brand. It’s something I’ve identified as a crucial component to anyone’s success. The power in branding and the opportunity created from it made me fall head over heels for it.

And, I realized impacting lives was my purpose after I stepped on stage at my first speaking engagement in the Fall of 2017. I was fifteen minutes into a speech when the only thing going through my head was, “Wow, this sucks!”

It sucked so bad that all 65 guests in attendance came up to me after and told me how great it was. The feeling I got when this was taking place was comparable to a significant other giving me butterflies.

Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about!

So, you may be wondering, “How does this help you impact the lives of one billion people?”

1B, my companies name, represents one billion — the number of lives I will impact through my work. I felt it was only right to be that aligned with my purpose. And, let me break it down for you.

99.9% of the time, entrepreneurs get into business for profitability. I haven’t met anyone that hasn’t got into business for the sake of making money. (Btw, I am not looking for a smart ass to mention an NFP right now.)

These businesses, run by entrepreneurs, rely on my services to help them generate revenue through branding initiatives. Whether we are conducting a brand audit, developing a winning brand strategy, developing the guidelines for their brand’s logo/typography/etc., or creating an ultra-responsive and eye-catching website, it is so much bigger than business.

In return, these businesses can generate revenue. Profits can pay employees, who can pay bills, housing, medical, and their leisurely desires to name a few. And, the same goes for the business owner. The list goes on and I am sure that you understand the point I am trying to make here.

Being able to impact them in a way other than motivational, educational, inspirational, and so on is a world of difference to me.

And, when I wake up in the morning knowing my passion aligns with my purpose, I thank the greater power above that I have an abundance of fulfillment through the work I am doing on multiple fronts.

This article isn’t to boast, but to shine a light on how we can all live a life of fulfillment. The equation to creating a life of fulfillment is rather simple, as I mentioned earlier…

Passion + Purpose = Fulfillment

It’s really that simple and it boils down to self-awareness. That is at the root of this equation. And, the characteristic that has proven to be the most important on my journey.

When you can align what you are passionate about with the purpose you are here to serve, you are able to create a life like no other. You wake up in the morning excited to sit at your desk, hit the phones, meet with people or whatever it is that you do.

The energy that comes about in your life is sort of like the energy you feel when you walk into Disney’s Magic Kingdom — the most magical place in the world!

And, the best part is, we can all have this type of life. We can all achieve fulfillment. It won’t happen overnight. It won’t be easy. That’s just me keeping it real. But, what’s worth having will never come easy.

To fathom the thought of living a life of anything other than happiness and fulfillment should be all of the reason to commit yourself to align your passions with your purpose and walk the path you were destined to travel.

True success and true happiness lie in freedom and fulfillment – Dada Vaswani

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